puts us in contact with aspects of a
new consciousness and spurs us
to live a life of peace and harmony


Next lecture with the theme:
Harmonious life and guilt

His lectures are transmitted live via internet
to the whole planet, for free,
with simultaneous translation into English.

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Watch the videos about the lecture
“The Missionary Task”

Listen to the
lectures of Trigueirinho
on Irdin Editora webpage
(in Portuguese).

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Send us your questions via e-mail,
to be answered by Trigueirinho in his broadcasted talks

About Trigueirinho

José Trigueirinho Netto, spiritual philosopher, puts us in contact with aspects of a new consciousness and encourages us to live a fraternal life, of peace and harmony with the Universe.

Author of 79 books, he also has his message registered in more than 2 thousand lectures recorded live and published by Irdin Editora.

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