José Trigueirinho Netto, spiritual philosopher, walks with balance on a subtle path between the outer and the inner world.

Like a being ahead ofr his time, Trigueirinho stimulates possibilities for those who aspire to a larger life.

He is the author of 77 books, with about two million books published originally in Portuguese by Editora Pensamento (Publishing House), and in Spanish by Editora Kier. His written work is beginning to be released in English by Irdin Editora, in France by Éditions Vesica, in Spain by Piscis and in Germany by Lichtwelle-Verlag.

Besides books, Trigueirinho shares his message in weekly talks that are being taped alive, organized in series and published by Irdin Editora– currently there are over 1,600 taped titles. These talks try to stimulate readers and listeners to discover their own deep inner being and to a better life in which one is immersed realities that all of us can become aware of.

Since 1987, the year of the founding of the spiritual center Figueira, located in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, where he works full-time, Trigueirinho registered interactions with the invisible world, with beings who live in harmony on the inner planes. He tries to transmit this experience in his talks.

The instruction transmitted does not belong to any religion or sect, nor has it a specific name, yet it reveals a profound respect for the searching of others and for the various forms of expressing the truth.

The character of his work is as transparent as is his purpose. It has the seal of every true revelation and therefore it reverberates in the beings who are internally awak. He clarifies the reasons for the present crisis in humanity and announces a brighter cycle on Earth. He teaches how to come out of the bitterness of an imminent natural catastrophe through contacting more subtle levels of consciousness and by assuming our real role in the planetary evolution. He also addresses with subtle aspects of healing, a larger vision of astrology, of numerology and of the symbols of colors and geometric figures, among other themes.

Knowing that all of us will be strengthened if we activate our inner potential and if we choose an ascending path, Trigueirinho generously shares what could be considered impossible to prove.

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