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Trigueirinho clarifies the reasons for the present crisis of humanity and puts us in contact with a net of infinite Light. He reveals the existence of the Planetary Centers: Lis-Fatima, Mirna Jad, Aurora, Erks, Iberah, Anu Tea and Miz Tli Tlan that bring to humanity aspects of the new life on Earth and stimulate us to live a peaceful and harmonious life according the highest Will of the Universe.

This work is one of the vehicles of the new phase of teachings that the Spiritual Hierarchies, formed by beings of great evolution have been transmitting to humanity. Among the main themes dealt with is the great transformation happening to the beings and to the planet as well as the meaning and purpose of this change.

Irdin Publishing House has published over 1,600 lectures by Trigueirinho, taped live. Some have been published with simultaneous translation to English and German. Others were translated to Spanish, French and Italian and recorded in these languages by the author.

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