Music of Figueira

Figueira is a spiritual center dedicated to sowing a new way of living. It serves informally, without being a society, sect or institution. Its daily activities allow an integration of harmony with nature and with the rhythms of the inner world. They are undertaken by volunteers and supported by spontaneous donations.

For a number of years a group of people have composed and performed music in Figueira, as part of the work of inner alignment. This work provides an opportunity to make contact with the laws of Harmony that open a window for silence and for the soul’s voice. This recording is a witness of how this is possible.

Sinais 20

Blanca Esencia

Opportunity to contact the laws of harmony which open the way to silence and to the voice of the soul.


Mensagem de Cura (only Portuguese)

Cânticos inspirados em livros de Trigueirinho.




Coral de Figueira (only Portuguese)

Gravação ao vivo de cânticos compostos por Trigueirinho e outras músicas criadas em Figueira